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Streaming Ms Atwood

September 20, 2009
Canadas Not So Secret Tech Visionary

Canada's Not So Secret Tech Visionary

Welcome to my new blog. Actually I’ve been blogging since before it was even called blogging as this archive hints. I’m an OG (Original Geek).

To mark my return to this digital writing thing, I am finishing/celebrating the new book by the famous author/fellow Canadian Margaret Atwood. Not only should you buy the book, you should follow her musings on Twitter and on Friday Sept 25th @ 6pm ET, tune in here to watch a live webcast of a private party for nerds at her home. Guests include documentarian Ron Mann and Canada’s loveliest geek, Amber Mac. The video linkĀ  below will lead you to love. — MG

(streamed from my iPhone 3G)